About Internet Association PAC

Internet Association’s mission is to foster innovation, promote economic growth, and empower people through the free and open internet. The internet creates unprecedented benefits for the economy, consumers, and society. As the voice of the world's leading internet companies, IA’s goal is to ensure stakeholders understand these benefits.

Internet Association member companies are industry leaders responsible for many of the groundbreaking innovations that have come to define the internet economy. Internet technology is driving transformation in sectors from transportation and payments to lodging and home services. However, the world of lobbying and political fundraising lags far behind. Internet Association is changing that through the introduction of our new Political Action Committee or PAC.

IA PAC combines the transparency and ease of use that are foundational to the internet’s success. Individuals from around the country can attend our events with candidates, ask questions, provide input, and make contributions to the campaigns.

Like other online systems Internet Association members have developed that allow people to communicate online, expand access to goods and services, and participate in new segments of the economy, the IA PAC platform opens up the world of political fundraising to everyday Americans. It allows people the opportunity to engage with candidates in the same way that large donors do today.